Is Paris Hilton Still No Money = No Honey ?

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A spoiled-spoon-feed celebrity who doesn’t appreciate anything other than her physical and crazy stories.
Despite with downfalls. this woman has made a huge name for herself. And some said, she became popular with NO REASON. How much money is Paris Hilton worth? Are those the money that she used to finance her album and perhaps the x-rated video marketing?

She is so damn lucky to inherit $2.3 billion (some tiny part of it)  from the grandpa Barron Hilton……. said to be in the will for around $100 million just for her. How about her parents? Could be more than that right?

Here is where the snag comes into play when talking about how much money Paris Hilton is worth. In 2007 Barron Hilton came out and made the announcement that he would be leaving 97% of his fortune to charity because he felt the money would be put to better use this way. Isn’t that the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen a major celebrity do with their money?

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After this announcement it was said that the heiress seen her impending inheritance drop from $100 million down to anywhere between $2-5 million. I’m sure most Americans would love to have that kind of cash but with the way this woman spends money that likely would last a year or two at most.

Okay so we figured out that isn’t going to inherit nearly as much cash as everyone thought at on time. But it still doesn’t answer the question how much money is Paris Hilton worth? Well to be perfectly fair about the situation she has done a really great job of using her name to make a living all by herself over the years. She has clothing lines, perfumes, designer dog items and tons of other stuff out there on the market. I cannot confirm this but a couple rumors online state that she has been making around $30 million a year from her own products and appearing at signings and events.

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