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Rare Coins Are The Perfect Alternative Investment

Many of us lost considerable wealth since the big economic crash 0f 2008. Our homes lost value, banks stopped lending, spending power declined, and our retirement funds took a big hit due to declining stocks. Yet, many have returned to investing in risky stocks in an effort to regain lost wealth. Investors should have little [...]

Find Out More And Details Of Ponzi Scheme

Another “Pay-As-You-Go” concept. Such a system does not create savings, which means when inflation and or interest rates are above zero, money is essentially lost. With our demographic upheaval of worker to retiree ratios, it became a Ponzi Scheme. Someone is left holding the bag when the cash runs out; as things stand, that means [...]

Property Purchase With An Investment Loan

When it comes to purchasing a new property, you may want to consider obtaining an investment loan. This option should only be considered if you want to purchase a second home for either the purpose of resale or to use as a rental income. There are many advantages to securing an investment loan for this [...]