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SafeGuard Against Loss Of Income with Debt Payment Protection Insurance

It is a term that is used for insurance policies that will safeguard against you losing your income. Different policies can be taken out for different situations and you have to ensure that you choose the right type for your needs. All policies would pay a fixed amount that was determined at the outset when [...]

How Donald Trump Escape From Bankruptcy ?

TRUE STORY .. Mr. Donald J. Trump remain as chairman and CEO of Trump Organization and continue to collect a $2 million dollar paycheck. So…how does a CEO decide to file for bankruptcy twice and still come out at the top of the heap? No Personal Involvement First, Trump doesn’t get personally involved. He knows [...]

Find Out More And Details Of Ponzi Scheme

Another “Pay-As-You-Go” concept. Such a system does not create savings, which means when inflation and or interest rates are above zero, money is essentially lost. With our demographic upheaval of worker to retiree ratios, it became a Ponzi Scheme. Someone is left holding the bag when the cash runs out; as things stand, that means [...]